Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7th 2012 8-) Its weekend time again! :D

Hello guys! It's me again!
I have some news... My Blog (the Scooter blog) has finally reached 100 pageviews! Since I am not so popular, this is a big thing for me! I am very happy! Super super happy!!
Also, from now on, everytime I post something on the blog, I will post a photo that is "Scooter-related". I have many photos, believe me!
Anyways, I know why HPs real name is Hans Peter and I will tell you why!
It's because originally, HP was supposed to be named Peter. However, his Grandfather's name was Hans, so they came up with the idea of naming him 'Hans Peter'! Pretty cool huh? ;)
To wrap this up, have a good weekend and big hugs and kisses to everyone! :D xoxox
HAHAAha!! ok bye!
~Karasu :)

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