Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28th 2012 :-) UK and stuff...

Hello again, guys and gals!

Thank you again for all the page views and I hope that a lot of you will keep on following it! I am glad that people like my website! Its quite flattering actually! :-)

Anyways, I am very excited about Christmas! Arent YOU? :) I already started decorating for the big day!! Hopefully Santa Claus will bring me some Scooter CDs for Christmas eh? ;-)

Supposedly, I was going to visit the UK but unfortunately I cannot. I am very sad about the cancelling... I wanted to go to the UK so bad because first of all, HP has been there before <3 and they have so many beautiful sights to see and Everyone has an amazing British Accent and I love it!


In conclusion, everyone keep listening to Scooter and do not let it die! :) I am counting on you, Scooterfans! :)

Auf Wiedersehen!

~Karasu <3

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