Friday, November 2, 2012

It's WEEKEND!!!! :D

Hi again everyone!

Like I said, Its weekend and I have a lot of studying to do :(

Oh well, whatever! Anyways, I watched Scooter's new music video "Army Of Hardcore" and its really good! To be honest, I think they copied the original version way too much :P Its really sad because a lot of people didn't like it :( so many bad comments on Youtube! It was bad... Or should I say "Schlecht" huh? ;) But besides the song, the video was really well-made! I love the Effects and especially HP! <3 he seemed more energetic than in his usual video :) I like that; he was more hyper! ;)

This was a small review of the song "Army Of Hardcore". See you guys later!

Tschuss! :)


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